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How to Check Foreign Workers Rights

At the start of October 2016, it was announced by the UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, that businesses would be required to list how many foreign nationals they employ, in the hope that it forces more businesses to employ British workers. Ms Rudd said that foreign workers should not be able to “take the jobs… Read More

The Time Has Come to Finally Address Gender Pay

It’s estimated that reducing the gender pay gap could add £150 billion to our economy by 2025, through increasing the number of women in work. It’s a figure – that as a nation – we wouldn’t ignore if it were to be added to our National Health Service or education system. So, why in the… Read More

Tips for Effective Drafting and Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants

The speed of business in the 21st Century has undoubtedly placed tremendous burdens upon employers seeking to enforce restrictive covenants in the modern business world.   In today’s fast-paced and high-tech society, trade secrets can be lost with the click of an iPhone camera and customer information can be mined from protected databases and stolen through… Read More

Uber and Deliveroo just the tip of the on-demand iceberg

Regardless of genre, the battle between the two biggest heavyweights in the on-demand world is constantly being played out before us in the nationals, trade and broadcast media. But anyone thinking that the so-called ‘gig economy’ is the preserve of fast-food and taxi cab businesses are wrong. Very, very wrong. The gig economy, that which… Read More

Leaving the EU – what this means for you and your business

Now that the dust is settling on the UK’s decision to leave the EU, our clients are asking what this means for them.  We are the first member state ever to  leave the European Union and as such, the result has ignited much uncertainty and debate about what lies ahead. Change always brings opportunities, as… Read More

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