Fraud & White Collar Crime

Why Corruption Looks Set to Rise On the Corporate Agenda

Corporate agendas are driven by reactive and proactive considerations. Reactive policies are particularly susceptible to what is on the press agenda, and corruption is certainly one such item at the moment. The international media abounds with coverage of emerging and escalating graft investigations, from the revelations relating to the hitherto obscure Monaco-based broker Unaoil, to… Read More

Punishing Corporate Offenders for Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Offences

We have seen a spike in legal activity relating to bribery and corruption offences in recent months, with a bank, printing business and a large international property company all being subjected to fines and other penalties thanks to allegations of this kind. One long-standing problem with assessing such cases has been in identifying the role… Read More

The Art and Science of Corporate Internal Investigations

I. Introduction Internal corporations investigations are complex, high-stakes endeavors requiring careful planning and execution. Companies may face steep fines and penalties, risk of suspension or debarment for government contracts, negative publicity, and criminal and civil litigation. Wrongdoing by individual employees and executives may result in termination or, in some cases, criminal prosecution. Too often companies… Read More

Operation Elveden - Was the investigation ever justified?

Millions spent from the public purse, 80 officers taken off the street to dedicate their time solely to the investigation and numerous cases and retrials dropped after 3 years’ worth of investigations. Looking back, was it all worth it? It sounds like it could be the script to a blockbuster film; well respected journalists asleep… Read More

Scam Emails – How Much of a Threat Are They to Law Firms?

The rise in targeted email attacks to businesses worldwide continues to dominate the news headlines. Attacks like these are dangerous by their very nature. Not only are they increasing in frequency, but they are also becoming smarter by the day. At the moment, we’re seeing a rise in activity related to of the Business Email… Read More

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