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The Fate of Pharma Patents in U.S. Inter Partes Review Proceedings

As part of the 2011 America Invents Act,[1] the United States Congress created a new process for challenging the validity of issued U.S. patents in the Patent Office (before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board –“PTAB”).  Known as an Inter Partes Review (“IPR”), this process allows third parties to pursue a “mini-trial” against the validity… Read More

Leaving the EU – what this means for you and your business

Now that the dust is settling on the UK’s decision to leave the EU, our clients are asking what this means for them.  We are the first member state ever to  leave the European Union and as such, the result has ignited much uncertainty and debate about what lies ahead. Change always brings opportunities, as… Read More

New Standards for Cosmetic Surgeons

New GMC Guidelines As of June 2016, new guidance from the GMC regarding doctors carrying out cosmetic procedures will come into force. The new guidelines will highlight the need for accountability from the doctors involved in the treatment, and consideration of patient safety at all times. Various cosmetic procedures have come under fire in the… Read More

Common Terms in Pharmaceutical Trademarks

It is usual that pharmaceutical trademarks contain commonly used terms, so they are formed by the combination of elements such as prefixes, suffixes or commonly used words that evoke somehow an idea about the properties of the product, its active principles, and its therapeutic function. They also may refer to a component of the medicine… Read More

Clinical Trial Tragedy in France – Implications for trial sponsors and CROs

A clinical trial on healthy volunteers sponsored by Portuguese pharmaceutical company Bial came to an abrupt halt in early January 2016, when one of the trial participants was declared brain dead and five others were hospitalised soon after with organ failure and suspected brain damage. The trial drug, BIA–102474–101, was intended to target a range… Read More

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