Appraisal Of Insurance Losses And The "Actual" Definition Of "Actual Cash Value"

Imagine a devastating fire renders your rental property uninhabitable. You dig out your insurance policy and are relieved to find that you are insured up to the “actual cash value” of the building. But what exactly does this phrase mean? The Wisconsin Court of Appeals recently grappled with this question in Coppins v. Allstate Indem.… Read More

Missouri Court Finds That "Ineffective" Reservation Of Rights Letters May Support Bad Faith Recovery Even In The Absence Of Coverage

All too often, instead of sending reservation of rights letters that unambiguously inform the insured of the insurer’s coverage position, insurers send longwinded, generic letters with a cursory discussion of the claim’s facts, minimal (if any) coverage analysis, extensive policy quotations, and boilerplate reservation language.  When presented with this type of ambiguous and vague insurer… Read More

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