The legal sector benefits from cloud innovation through partnership between iland and managed services provider Wavex

Wavex migrates Thames Valley based solicitor B P Collins to the iland secure cloud with no downtime and no impact to ‘business as usual’ operations

LONDON, UK – 10th January 2016 – iland, an award-winning enterprise cloud infrastructure provider and Wavex, a London based managed services provider have partnered to provide small to medium sized businesses in the legal and other sectors with end-to-end IT services that include iland’s cloud hosting and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions.

Companies come to leading managed services provider Wavex with IT or business challenges and a strong desire to get more value from IT – but not necessarily with the expertise to know how to achieve this. Wavex employs a consultative approach to make IT a strategic enabler for its clients, recommending strategies and services across the full IT spectrum from infrastructure to applications, to strategy and risk models.

Wavex recognised the increasing importance of cloud services for its customers and was impressed with the security, availability, support and visibility of the iland cloud platform as well as the robustness of the iland DRaaS solution, which has been recognised by leading industry analysts Gartner and Forrester. As a result, Wavex sought a partnership with iland to fast-track cloud adoption for its customers and keep the Wavex focus on IT innovation, not infrastructure.

“Now we don’t have to worry about hardware,” said Gavin Russell, CEO of Wavex. “iland is the infrastructure expert and it’s better for our business to rely on the iland secure cloud while we focus on optimising the IT strategy for our customers. iland’s technical solution is incredibly strong and it is innovating where others are stagnating – that’s what we need to help our customers succeed.”

IT has become increasingly important to the legal sector – after all, if IT is not running, the legal firms are not billing. Cloud represents a great opportunity for small and medium-sized legal practices to achieve the type of IT innovation and agility previously only available to larger firms – and Wavex has been quick to recognise this.

Brian Ussher, president for iland comments: “iland is proud to partner with Wavex to help drive cloud adoption across its customer base. We’ve been impressed with the customer focus of the Wavex team and its deep business and technical knowledge of how to transform IT organisations with cloud services.”

As a result of the new partnership, a solicitors’ practice, B P Collins LLP, is now leveraging the iland secure cloud having enlisted the help of Wavex. Based in the Thames Valley, B P Collins works with individuals and organisations to provide a range of services from securing international acquisitions to supporting individual needs and safeguarding clients’ interests. B P Collins approached Wavex to help deploy a critical new business application in a very short time frame. It needed to migrate to a new platform that offered high availability SLAs and was low risk to the business – as well as implement a reliable IT disaster recovery strategy.

Imran Shah, IT manager of B P Collins explains: “Wavex demonstrated a deep understanding of project delivery. The technical design of what was needed for the B P Collins migration was accurate and client focused. Choosing the right cloud provider and company to manage your IT services is critical. Wavex has proven to be the right choice across the board – from system design to infrastructure reliability to project delivery and support.”

Wavex also provides B P Collins with iland’s cloud-based disaster recovery solution. The iland secure cloud integrates with Zerto to provide a (DRaaS) solution that replicates data at the hypervisor-level using any tier of storage.

The iland cloud services provided by Wavex offer B P Collins tangible business benefits that include:

• Fast migration – The ability to deploy a critical new business app in a very short time frame. Thanks to iland, Wavex was able to get B P Collins up and running on the new platform with no downtime and no impact on day to day operations; something that other providers were not able to guarantee.

• A highly available solution – 100 percent infrastructure availability and SLAs meant this was low risk to the business.

• Security – With the need to avoid increasingly sophisticated hackers and ransomware attacks, IT security is a top priority for B P Collins. The Wavex services combine the advanced security features of the iland cloud spanning encryption, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection and more, with APEX® Secure, which Wavex developed to provide vulnerability assessments of a customers’ entire IT environment.

• A DR solution that is easily tested – The iland cloud console enables Wavex to conduct non-intrusive DR testing for B P Collins whenever required.

• A cost-effective DR solution – As an SMB, B P Collins needed a solution that was cost-effective. With the iland Zerto DRaaS solution, Wavex can provide B P Collins with a low per-VM licence fee and pay-as-you-go pricing.

• A Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of only 20 seconds has been achieved – Leveraging the streamlined testing capabilities of the solution, B P Collins can quickly recover from an IT incident, achieving Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) of just 30 minutes. This RTO and RPO speed far surpasses the recovery windows provided by other DR solutions.

• Geographic diversity – failover to two geographically diverse UK iland cloud locations – In the event on an incident B P Collins is able to automate the entire failover and failback process, reducing the errors of manual failback, lowering data loss, and ensuring data integrity.

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