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Resolution lags - better access to justice for ordinary individuals

In an era of technology, instant communication and on-demand services, the courts continue to uphold wigs and titles from the 18th century. They provide a powerful contrast to the modern day world, but in doing so demonstrate a justice system that has failed in its entirety to modernise itself. Let us take simple greetings as… Read More

The Bahamas – Protecting the Confidentiality of Trusts

Section 83 of the Trustee Act is an enactment unique to the Bahamian jurisdiction which attempts to codify the rights and obligations of trustees in relation to disclosure. The disclosure of trust information by trustees has been the subject of judicial debate for centuries; and as trusts have developed so too has the jurisprudence on… Read More

Waste-to-Energy in Vietnam

The treatment of municipal solid waste (“MSW”) is difficult for local authorities.  Thanks to the development of new technologies, however, MSW is becoming a serious source of renewable energy.  Vietnam began to shape its regulations and policies to develop solid waste power plants (“SWPP”) in 2012. Several investment incentives and favorable policies have now been… Read More

Lost In Translation: Countries separated by a common – or different – language. International litigation at the sharp end.

“Oh to be in England” – Robert Browning: Home thoughts, from abroad (1845) For more than 20 years, I have been privileged to act for banks, other financial institutions, corporate monoliths, filmmakers, musicians, and even pension schemes.  Amongst those clients I have found some of the cleverest, interesting and talented individuals I have ever met.… Read More

Off the blocks, on a mobility scooter: Opt-out class actions launch in the UK

Since a new opt-out class action regime was introduced last year under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA), practitioners have been waiting patiently to see when the first claim would be brought. The first claim has now been launched on behalf of a putative class of pensioners and other UK-based buyers of mobility scooters. It… Read More

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