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Privacy vs Security

In-house counsel and IT directors at tech companies are facing tough challenges in balancing data protection compliance and responding to increasing pressure from law enforcement agencies for access to data without compromising security or consumer confidence. One of the reasons for this is the introduction of new data protection regulation in 2016, including the Privacy… Read More

Five Cool Tools Every Legal Marketing Rock Star Needs to Understand

The legal industry faces a number of marketing challenges. Setting your firm apart, doing something interesting or innovative, or finding ways to engage current and potential clients is tough in the law business. But, legal marketing doesn’t have to be “boring” or uninteresting, and there are a number of nifty marketing tools that will not… Read More

The Evidence of hackers

Most law firms believe the challenges they face set them apart from the industry at large – and this is largely correct. The phrase ‘time is money’ perhaps doesn’t ring as true for other businesses as it does for the legal sector.  When every minute is clocked, it is important that business processes run smoothly… Read More

Legal firms in the Hackers Crosshairs

Despite a media backdrop of breaches and compromises, Legal organisations are not automatically a target for hackers. That does not mean they are exempt, just there needs to be sufficient motivation to threat actors enticing them to launch a virtual raid. This first article, of a two-part series, looks at why some Legal firms may… Read More

Why legal firms must embrace technology

The legal sector is currently in a state of flux. Research[1] has shown law firms are aware technology must be embraced to meet their full growth potential but very few have taken the plunge and tackled this issue head on. It’s worrying there are legal firms which haven’t realised the benefit of embracing the latest… Read More

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