Malta – foremost safe harbour in today’s stormy seas of maritime finance

International finance of ocean-going vessels and other maritime assets such as off-shore oil and gas equipment is currently experiencing what could be described as a perfect storm: Many owners looking to refinance newer assets in their fleet ordered their construction and locked into efficient funding before the global financial crisis of 2007/8. And according to… Read More

The Madeira International Ship Register (“MAR”)

INTRODUCTORY NOTE Portugal is a country of sea and seamen. We are known for that. Our credentials go back hundreds of years and to Portuguese sailors like Vasco da Gama, the first to sail from Europe across the West African coast, through the cape of Good Hope so named by the Portuguese, and then to… Read More

Real World Challenges: Practical Maritime Arrest Considerations

There are numerous practical challenges encountered during the custody period of arrested commercial ships — particularly when the vessel is detained for a considerable time period. Generally, arrest actions are intended for the claimant to obtain immediate payment or security, and last only a few days. However, with the uncertain global economy, lack of available… Read More

The European Court Of Justice On Italian Minimum Haulage Tariffs

The current Italian legislation which states that the cost of road haulage services on behalf of third parties cannot be less that ‘minimum costs’ established by a body composed mainly of representatives of interested business operators, goes against European competition legislation and therefore should no longer be applied. This is the conclusion which the fifth… Read More

The Financing Of Corporate And Private Aircraft – Some Cayman Islands Considerations

The Cayman Islands has long been a leading jurisdiction for aviation finance transactions in both the commercial and business jet sectors. Among the reasons for this are the Cayman Islands’ tax neutral status, its political stability, the developed, English-based legal system, supporting infrastructure and high-quality service providers, the flexible and commercial nature of its legislation… Read More

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