About Us

Lawyer Issue has a highly targeted international readership and is a great tool for global professionals.  We aim to provide a valued insight into the legal sector and shine a spotlight on many of the trending issues.

Our audience comprises of a great mix of professionals; from the legal and professional advisory community as well as the business and corporate community.

Legal and Professional Advisory Reader
•    Legal Professionals
•    Financial Advisory Firms
•    Tax Advisors
•    Due Diligence Providers/Asset Based Lenders
•    Accountants
•    Brokers

The Business and Corporate Reader
•    Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Managing Directors and Directors of national and multi-national firms
•    Top tier management at SME’s and large scale companies.
•    Private Equity and Venture Capital
•    Leading Business Associations
•    Business Consultants
•    Bankers

We have an international following with the most popular regions being the USA followed by the UK, Mainland Europe, Canada, Australia and China/Hong Kong. We have in recent times seen an increasing interest in some of the emerging markets featured on the site such as South America, Africa and Asia. Collectively the US, UK and Mainland Europe make up over half of the websites audience.

The website receives over 250,000 hits every month with an opt-in newsletter distributed to 27,000 registered subscribers. Each issue of the magazine is read by an average 75,000 individuals.