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What really is the ‘law firm of the future’?

It’s a struggle to think of an industry that hasn’t been disrupted by advances in technology – marketing, finance and retail, to name a few. The legal industry, however, has typically been seen as late to the party. But as we know from our latest report, firms in the sector are now taking tech adoption… Read More

The Future of Scandal: Technology and Corporate Wrongdoing

The Future of Scandal: Technology and Corporate Wrongdoing For as long as there has been business and investors, there have been those who have sought to make money illicitly by breaking the rules and misleading others. Nowadays, corporate scandals come in many shapes and forms, but among the most common are those related to fraud… Read More

Preparations for MiFID II: IT teams ahead of their Risk & Compliance colleagues within Financial Institutions

A recent study from Aeriandi of IT decision makers and Risk & Compliance managers within UK financial services businesses, has revealed a concerning lack of preparation and understanding of the requirements of MiFID II legislation coming into force in January 2018. The study, carried out in January 2017 shows that managers and decision makers within… Read More

GDPR – the double-edged sword facing the legal profession

On May 25th 2018, the way companies handle data will change forever. On this day next year, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, changing how customer data is handled, and outlining the toughest consequences of data breaches ever seen. Considering we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day , and… Read More

Intelligent Contracts – Is this the Way Forward for Enterprises?

Technology is an ever moving target. It’s one of the most demanding working environments; every few weeks or months you need to understand and account for new technologies changing the nature of IT. However, the benefits of being in a fast-paced environment are that new opportunities to combine methods or technology occur almost daily. One… Read More

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