Get the Right Advice from an EB-5 Immigration Attorney

In 1990, the Congress initiated the EB5 green card program. The objective was to add more jobs to the United States market which in turn would help boost the economy. This program was first implemented in the year 1992 and since that time, it has been reauthorized as well. This particular visa is granted to… Read More

Immigration – Indian Business and Employment Law Updates

In a world that is characterized by globalization and a constant mobility of people across borders, countries are re-defining policies and enhancing compliance initiatives. India has over the past few years seen a healthy surge in foreign nationals coming to India on employment visas. The Government of India through the Ministry of Home Affairs deals… Read More

What does Brexit Mean for Citizenship?

On June 23rd, it was announced that Britain will be leaving the European Union, and the country entered a period of uncertainty. Britain has been a member of the EU for over 43 years, following our acceptance into the politico-economic union in 1973; however, in 2016 Great Britain’s allegiance to the EU was no more.… Read More

An Exception to Swallow The Hague Convention Return Rule?

The 1980 Hague Convention Treaty regarding the Civil Aspects of International Parental Abduction (“Hague Convention”) is currently being threatened in the Unites States under a proposed new amendment to the United States’ version of the Hague Convention, which proposal would stop numerous returns of abducted children to their countries of habitual residence. Any proposed new… Read More

New Legislation: A Look at the Immigration Act 2016

In 2014 the Government introduced an Immigration Bill that promised to create a ‘hostile environment’ for illegal workers and for those who facilitated them settling in the UK. In 2016 this has been delivered. While there can be no doubt that the Government has taken dramatic steps in introducing legislation that is already having a… Read More

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