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Legal Aspects To Consider While Building A Commercial Property

Commercial property, or commercial land, refers to land possessed or utilized by a business element. Commercial property is regularly not the same as private property in its plan, capacity, design, and feel. Most state laws have specific laws that manage commercial property. These are independent and unmistakable from private property laws. For example, commercial property… Read More

Evaluating and Managing Environmental Risk in Real Estate and M&A Transactions in the United States

The complex environmental regulatory regime in the United States can raise a variety of legal and financial risks in real estate or corporate acquisitions.  Accordingly, lawyers should understand the nature of potential environmental liabilities for different transactions, the relevant facts, and how to structure environmental due diligence tools to provide clients meaningful advice. Tailoring Environmental… Read More

Leaving the EU – what this means for you and your business

Now that the dust is settling on the UK’s decision to leave the EU, our clients are asking what this means for them.  We are the first member state ever to  leave the European Union and as such, the result has ignited much uncertainty and debate about what lies ahead. Change always brings opportunities, as… Read More

Resolving Real Estate Disputes in Indonesia Q&A

Have there been any recent legislative changes or interesting developments in your jurisdiction on real estate? Regarding legal developments and issues in Indonesia’s real estate sector, two developments are particularly interesting and merit mention here. First, President Joko Widodo recently issued Presidential Instruction No. 3 of 2016 regarding Simplification of Licensing in Housing Construction (April… Read More

Landmark High Court Decision Has Implications For All Social Housing Tenants and Local Housing Authorities

The recent High Court judgment in the case of London Borough of Haringey v Ahmed & Ahmed (Case No: HC-2015-003163) sets a precedent for altering terms in original tenancy agreements and will have far reaching implications for all social housing tenants and local authorities, advises law firm Miles & Partners LLP. This long running case,… Read More

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