Safety and Legal Protection: How Dash Cams Help

A Dash Cam provides irrefutable video evidence to protect you against false accusations after an incident, road rage, drunk drivers, and insurance fraud. This video footage can also be used as evidence to help remove sly drivers off the roads and protecting everyone on the other hand. The new advancements like dash cams, body cam glasses,… Read More

Navigating through Malta’s Unrivalled Potential

Danielle Hermansen, of PKF Malta, discusses recent developments in the insurance market and latest event for promoting Malta, as a domicile of choice for European Captives in October 2016 – New York, the success of the industry’s latest events and what essential elements remain talking points across the financial landscape What was the event and… Read More

Path Act Makes Changes to Captive Insurance Tax Rules

Captive Insurance is a formalized corporate structure, whereby a business self-insures a portion of identified business risks, rather than purchasing coverage from the retail insurance marketplace. Insurance can be a very profitable business. However, as with any business or adjunct to an existing business, the insurance field contains many pitfalls. If the business of insurance… Read More

Malta as the domicile of choice for insurance vehicles in Europe

Danielle Hermansen from PKF Malta discusses how Malta can and is fully utilising its potential in the insurance industry. PKF is supporting Finance Malta in its quest to promote Malta, by organising a conference on the 29th March 2016 which will focus on what Malta can offer to US Captives seeking to tap into their… Read More

Providing for valid hold harmless covenants in favor of directors in Italy.

In doing business are commonly set up hold harmless (or indemnity) covenants to protect directors against actions initiated by the company managed by them, company’s shareholders or any third party, in relation to the activities carried out by directors in their office. Such covenants are entered into at the beginning, in the meanwhile or at… Read More

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