Intellectual Property

How GCs can unlock IP asset value (and make friends with the CFO)

It’s a truism that a patent is only as valuable as the patent owner’s willingness and ability to enforce it. And therein lies the challenge faced by companies or institutions with substantial IP assets when they attempt to justify allocating resources to pursue claims. By the time a patent exists to enforce, the company has… Read More

Geographical Indications in Sri Lankan Law

Chapter XXXIII of the Intellectual Property Law No. 36 of 2003 makes provision for the protection of geographical indications. Geographical Indications (GI) are off shoots of indications of source and appellations of origin which were first accorded recognition in the Paris Convention. Indications of source is a broad concept and designates a country or place… Read More

The Fate of Pharma Patents in U.S. Inter Partes Review Proceedings

As part of the 2011 America Invents Act,[1] the United States Congress created a new process for challenging the validity of issued U.S. patents in the Patent Office (before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board –“PTAB”).  Known as an Inter Partes Review (“IPR”), this process allows third parties to pursue a “mini-trial” against the validity… Read More

Brexit and its affect on Intellectual Property

The Brexit outcome to the UK’s referendum on EU membership has no immediate effect on intellectual property in the UK – EU laws remain (pun not intended) in effect until such time as Article 50 notification is made by the UK and the consequent 2 year negotiation period ends (unless extended by agreement of the… Read More

Intellectual Property and the Brexit Decision

On 24 June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. The United Kingdom and the European Union are now dealing with the aftermath of this momentous decision, raising many questions as to what this means for our clients and the protection of their valuable IP rights both in the United Kingdom and… Read More

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