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Malta – foremost safe harbour in today’s stormy seas of maritime finance

International finance of ocean-going vessels and other maritime assets such as off-shore oil and gas equipment is currently experiencing what could be described as a perfect storm: Many owners looking to refinance newer assets in their fleet ordered their construction and locked into efficient funding before the global financial crisis of 2007/8. And according to… Read More

Where Are Private Equity and Real Estate Funds Being Domiciled? What’s Changing?

The world we live in is constantly changing. It feels as if new regulation is appearing almost every day. With over 400 funds under administration, Augentius, the specialist Private Equity and Real Estate fund administrator, put together a panel to discuss what changes they are currently seeing in the market, if any, and what we… Read More

Unenforceability of Arbitration Clauses?

Introduction Banks in Hungary as in many jurisdictions, prefer arbitration over litigation before ordinary courts to resolve disputes arising out of a financing transaction. Efficiency, flexibility, professionalism and protection of sensitive information are among the main reasons for this preference. However, the large number of insolvencies in recent years revealed a difficulty in enforcing arbitration… Read More

Switzerland: Recent developments in the private placement regime for private equity, hedge funds and other type of alternative investment funds

Until March 2013, the private placement of alternative investment funds was quasi-unregulated in Switzerland. Any type of investors could be solicited by any type of funds as long as the solicitation was not falling into the category of “public placement”. A number of distribution scandals affecting retail investors during the past decade pushed the European… Read More

New Image: The Changing Role of ABL

As the number of acquisitions and management buy-outs appears to be on the rise in the UK, Evette Orams, Managing Director of Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions, explores the reasons behind an interesting shift in the financial composition of those deals. News that the UK boasted the fastest growing economy of all the G7 countries in both… Read More

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