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Can Parents Contractually Select the Forum for A Custody Dispute?

Where a custody dispute will be litigated can be a critical concern when voluntarily entering into an agreement regarding custody of children. Child custody issues can be further complicated when dealing with laws across state or country lines. UCCJEA “The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws promulgated the UCCJEA [Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction… Read More

Resolving Real Estate Disputes in Indonesia Q&A

Have there been any recent legislative changes or interesting developments in your jurisdiction on real estate? Regarding legal developments and issues in Indonesia’s real estate sector, two developments are particularly interesting and merit mention here. First, President Joko Widodo recently issued Presidential Instruction No. 3 of 2016 regarding Simplification of Licensing in Housing Construction (April… Read More

International Arbitration in London Post Brexit: Business as Usual

Unless and until the United Kingdom (UK) formally leaves the European Union (EU), the Brexit vote – which has political and historical significance, but is not legally binding on government[1]– will have little impact on London’s status as a centre for international arbitration. The withdrawal process itself is contemplated by Article 50 of the Treaty… Read More

Mediation – Practical Guidelines, Part 2: The mediator – role and limits as the moderator of the process of reaching an agreement

While part 1 of these guidelines addressed the basic principles of the mediation procedure in general and, above all, the logistical issues of “who, where, how,” part 2 deals mainly with preparing for the conflict before the mediation hearing and the specifics of conducting the hearing as such. I. Moderating the process of reaching an… Read More

Mediation – Practical Guidelines, Part 1: Basic principles and preparing for the mediation hearing

Mediation is a subject of much discussion, spurred by the legislative initiative at the EU level (Directive 08/52/EC) and the transposition thereof by national laws. There are now also a number of different ways to obtain training as a mediator. But has mediation also made significant gains in terms of its importance in practice, outside… Read More

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